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Healing with Acoustic Technologies

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All audible sounds penetrating our body create spherical cymatic patterns on our cell membranes.

by John Stuart Reid
Acoustic Physics Scientist
Inventor of the CymaScope
Collaborator of the experiment that showed how music influenced the longevity of human blood cells

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Sound Supports Health and Healing

Each body part has a natural resonant frequency known as its Prime Resonant Frequency. Effective sound therapies make use of the Prime Resonant Frequencies of organs and body parts to target optimal therapeutic effects to the intended organs and body parts.

In addition, sounds generate infrared light. The sound that enters the body is accompanied by infrared light that is modulated by the sound. Both sound and infrared light can stimulate diseased cells to restore to their healthy cell cycle.

Advanced sound healing equipment like the AMI 750 from Cyma Technologies can deliver precise healing effects to the body.

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