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Healing with Mishin Coil


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Cancer cells have DNA closed in a ring, while the DNA of a healthy cell is an open spiral

by Alexander Mishin
Inventor of the Mishin Coil

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Ring Chromosomes are Linked To Many Diseases

In fact, many peer-reviewed studies have shown that ring chromosomes are linked to many diseases.

Below are references to just a few of many research that show the link between ring chromosomes and human diseases:

  1. Ring chromosomes in human neoplasias

  2. Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy associated with ring chromosome 18

  3. A Case of Autism with Ring Chromosome 14

  4. Ring chromosome 22 and autism: report and review

  5. Predisposition to autoimmune thyroiditis in ring chromosome 18 syndrome

The Mishin Coil uses regulated electrostatic fields to demagnetize ring chromosomes and other looped molecular structures that are linked to diseases. This allows the diseased cells to disintegrate and die. When the kidneys cleanse the body and remove the resulting toxins from these dead cells, the body will have the opportunity to restore to a healthy state.

The Open Hearts Institute has a wealth of information on real cases in which many diseases were cured by the use of the Mishin Coil.

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