Achieve Your Life Goals with EEG-Assisted Meditations

Updated: Jan 17

Neurofeedback, or EEG training, is a process of measuring the brainwaves and providing feedback to the person about what is happening in their brain. This process helps with achieving peak performance through meditation by attaining coherence in the brain. Coherence includes balancing out the left and right brain hemispheres and the amplitudes of the beta, alpha, theta, and gamma brain frequencies.

In order to be productive and successful, you need to be in the right state of mind.

The brain is constantly processing information and it does this by sending electrical impulses through the neurons and synapses. These impulses can be detected by an EEG device and are translated into brainwaves that are categorized by how fast they are moving. These four categories include:

Theta waves, Beta waves, Alpha waves, or Gamma waves.

Each of these brainwave frequencies has a direct correlation with different states of mind, so it is important to find which frequency your brain needs in order to be productive and successful.

EEG-assisted meditation is well known for its efficacy in improving attention and working memory, enhancing the healing effectiveness for energy healers, tapping into the resourceful subconscious mind for boosting creativity and intuitiveness, and even deepening the connection to one's spiritual essence (or higher self).

For more information about how The Open Heart Institute can help you achieve the goals of your life with Awakened Mind Traning or NeuroMeditation Training, please email us at or call 1-(551)-263-6709.

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