Scalar Energy for Healing

Updated: Jan 17

Scalar Energy is a form of alternative medicine that has been used for many years. Some people believe that it can be used to heal many different types of illnesses. Recent research has found that scalar energy can be used not only for healing but also for helping the body deal with pain and stress. This energy can be used for healing by directing it to the area in the body where it is needed. The vibrations from this energy are said to cause resonance in our bodies, and this can lead to healing.

The generator of scalar waves is the human body. Scalar waves can be generated from many sources, including the human body, the earth, devices such as a Tesla coil (a device invented by Nikola Tesla), or even astronomical objects such as the sun or certain stars.

The term "scalar waves" was first introduced in 1878 by James Clerk Maxwell who discovered that electric and magnetic fields could be added together to produce a new type of field (Maxwell’s theory). This field was shown to have two characteristics: it had an electric and magnetic component, and these components were orthogonal (perpendicular) to each other.

Most people don't know about scalar energy, so they may need more information about how it works before starting to use this technique in their everyday lives. The Open Hearts Institute has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how scalar energy can be used for healing. The energy healing practitioners at The Open Hearts Institute utilize equipment and techniques acquired from the Tennant Institute, the Light Mandalas, the Vesica Institute, Dr. Ibrahim Karim of BioGeometry, the Monroe Institute, and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to facilitate healing.

For more information about energy healing, please contact The Open Hearts Institute at or call 1-(551)-263-6709.

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